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What is Cellfina? Cellfina is a cellulite treatment involving releasing the connective bands woven throughout fat in the highs and buttocks at cause cellulite. Once treated, the skin bounces back to smooth itself out in as little as three days. Cellfina is a one-time, permanent treatment. Does it hurt? After the treatment, patients go about their day but should take it easy for the next 24 hours. Patients have reported soreness and bruising but not serious pain.


What is Kybella? Kybella is a treatment that is injected into the fat under the chin to destroy fat cells. Kybella is a permanent treatment because once the fat cells are destroyed, those cells can no longer store fat. Fat cleared from the treatment area is processed through the body’s natural metabolism. What are the side effects? Swelling, pain, numbness, redness and hardness in the treatment area can occur and is considered normal. How many treatments will I need? The number of injections and treatments depend on the amount of fat you have in the treatment area. Treatments are administered about 1 month apart and you should not receive more than 6 treatments.


"These guys hung the moon. They actually care! Dr. Teller takes his time & his team has an eye for precision, they work alongside him for a great result that is just perfect for me. I’ve been coming for so long for this very reason. I would just never not. They are very extensive. I can’t thank them enough!"


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