What is CoolTone? CoolTone is a new body contouring device that uses electromagnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to form, strengthen and firm muscles. How does it work? The CoolTone system delivers MMS to the treatment areas (abs, buttocks, thighs) and the electromagnetic field stimulates muscle contractions. Am I a good candidate for CoolTone? Anyone who is seeking to improve the muscle tone and firmness of the abs, glutes and thighs is a good candidate. How many treatments will I need? 2 treatments a week for 2 weeks. Treatments should be spaced 2-4 days apart. Once the initial 4 treatments are completed, maintenance treatments are recommended every 2-3 months. Is there any downtime? No, patients can resume normal activities immediately after treatment.


"These guys hung the moon. They actually care! Dr. Teller takes his time & his team has an eye for precision, they work alongside him for a great result that is just perfect for me. I’ve been coming for so long for this very reason. I would just never not. They are very extensive. I can’t thank them enough!"


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