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Top Filler Myths

As one of the top Dermatology practices in the region, we get questions daily about truth versus facts about cosmetic injectables. Dr. Mildred Lopez helps debunk some of the most common Cosmetic Filler Myth’s.

1. It won’t look natural

If you are in the hands of an injector that does not understand anatomy, facial proportions or the consequences of aging on the skin, then you are at risk of looking unnatural when getting filler. When you come to Bellaire Dermatology, our team of certified injectors have years of experience, and have even participated in the clinical trials through which some of these fillers got to be in the market. We all strive to personalize your experience, and enhance your natural features so that you end up with a refreshed version of yourself.

2. It doesn’t work/you can’t tell a difference

When dermal fillers injections are placed in the correct plane, and the right product is used for your specific concern, the results are wonderful. You will not regret your treatment. Our office offers Dermal Filler injections from Juvederm and Restalyne.

3. It’s permanent and no correcting it

Dermal Filler Injections can last anywhere between 3 months and 2 years. When it comes to hyaluronic acid fillers (e.g. Juvederm®, Restylane® or RHA®), there is an enzyme called hyaluronidase that can be used to dissolve the filler if needed or desired. Here at Bellaire Dermatology, we offer top of the line dermal filler injection options to give our patients the most enhanced results. Always consult with an experienced medical provider prior to undergoing any injections in order to avoid complications or the need to dissolve the filler.

4. You can bruise a lot

There is always a possibility of bruising especially when getting dermal filler injections, highly vascular areas like the face. However, in our clinic we have techniques to help minimize bruising, such as the use of cannulas (straw-like device used to inject filler) and the Accu-vein (special technology to visualize the veins while the procedure is being performed). In the case you do get a bruise, we offer complimentary laser to help it disappear more quickly. Make sure to check out our before and after photos so see our results!

5. It’s painful

It does not have to be painful. We offer topical anesthesia prior to any dermal fillers. Additionally, the majority of the filler products are now mixed with anesthetic, so as we are performing the injections it gets more and more comfortable for you. Finally, we also offer Pro-nox (laughing gas) for patients who have a tendency to get anxious with medical procedures. You can find more information about Pro-nox here.

6. Filler replaces a surgical lift

Dermal Filler Injections will not replace a surgical lift, and a surgical lift will not replace dermal filler. Both procedures can actually complement each other. Filler is used to help replace lost volume, fat or bone that slowly resorbs as we age. It can also be used to enhance your natural features, such as your cheeks or lips, or to help your body produce more collagen. Fillers do provide a certain amount of lift, but in some specific cases it will not be enough to get the best cosmetic outcome. That is when the surgical lift comes to play. However, even after a surgical lift, we continue to age, and so the use of fillers after a surgical lift continues to be helpful to replace lost volume.

7. Getting the most cost-effective price is best when shopping around

You get what you pay for. Getting the “best price” is not what should indicate if you purchase with the practice or facility. We should not try to save up money when it comes to medical or cosmetic procedures. Even though dermal fillers are considered cosmetic, they are still a medical procedure that should be performed by a trained medical professional. What sets our team a part is that our providers are Nationally recognized with Allergan – the creators of Botox and have had the most advanced trainings offered.

8. You can’t get filler if you’ve had the COVID vaccine

This is untrue. You can get dermal filler if you have had the COVID vaccine, and the opposite is also true. Out of 15,184 participants in the Phase 3 Moderna vaccine clinical trial, only 3 participants who received at least one dose of the mRNA vaccine developed facial or lip swelling. All of the swelling resolved with appropriate treatment. It is hypothesized that the spike protein (mRNA in the vaccine helps our bodies produce copies of these proteins so that we can in turn make antibodies to protect us from COVID) binds ACE receptors in the dermis creating a pro-inflammatory environment in zones that have high numbers of T cells, including the dermis around filler. At Bellaire Dermatology, we have available a variety of oral medications to counteract this inflammatory process.

If you would like to learn more about our Medical and Cosmetic Practitioners, you can learn more on our providers page. Or if you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our certified injectors, request an appointment today!

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