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Comfort Solutions

Comfort Solutions

If you worry that certain cosmetic treatments may be a bit painful, making you hesitant or nervous, BDA offers a variety of comfort solutions.

At Bellaire Dermatology, our compassionate staffs top priority is keeping our patients safe, comfortable and relaxed during procedures. 

Strategies for Patient Comfort Include:

  • Topical numbing
  • Dental/nerve blocks
  • Pronox/laughing gas
  • Effleurage “tapping distraction”
  • Icing and cool compresses
  • Prescription pain relievers and relaxing agents
  • Gated Nerve Theory tools
  • Zimmer Chiller Cooling System

Which Option Is Right for Me?

Our specialists will work with you to create a personalized plan for your treatments. 


How does it work?

PRO-NOX, more commonly known as “laughing gas” is an option offered during any procedure. It is inhaled through a mouthpiece and its effect are near immediate for the relief of pain in office. Patients and our team in the room are able to gauge the amount administered based on request and procedure.

How long does it last?

PRO-NOX can be administered during the entire duration of the procedure, it is non-invasive, non-addictive, and has short term effects. It leaves the body within 10 minutes after use allowing you to drive yourself to and from the appointment.

How much does it cost?

If you would like to learn more or add PRO-NOX to your service please give us a call, or, when scheduling your appointment just let the scheduling assistant know. There is a minimal cost to enhance your experience with this option.


What is AccuVein?

AccuVein can help in cosmetic procedures to:

  • Locate and avoid veins
  • Minimize bruising
  • Reduce healing time by optimizing site selection
  • Improve patient satisfaction

By using vein illumination with AccuVein’s breakthrough device, many veins that might be otherwise undetectable without a vein locator, can be located and mapped on the patient’s skin.

How does AccuVein work?

When we are performing aesthetic procedures, the vein illumination by AccuVein can help us avoid veins when administering cosmetic injectables. With cosmetic injectables, avoiding facial veins can be very useful in minimizing bruising and possible migration of the injected fluids. Bellaire Dermatology chose to incorporate AccuVein into our standard of care because of the improvement during procedures with less patient discomfort resulting in higher patient satisfaction.

  • No patient contact – Because the device has been designed to be non-contact, it will not interfere with the treatment or touch the skin
  • Accuracy – Permanently aligned; center line accurate to less then the width of a human hair
  • Works in light or dark – Use the device in light or darkly lit environments
  • Viewing modes – In addition to the standard viewing option, the AccuVein has an inverse mode which can enhance the visibility of small veins
  • Movement tolerant – Because the device shows the veins in real time, when operated properly, the device can accommodate patient movement



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