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At Bellaire Dermatology, our facials are customized to meet the needs of each patient’s skin type and specific issues. 

Each facial uses medical-grade products and skin care formulations, leaving your skin healthy, refreshed and glowing. 

Facials are great for textural improvement, decreasing inflammation, complexion enhancement, and relaxation. 

What is a DiamondGlow Facial?

Looking for a facial that will leave you glowing? The DiamondGlow facial, formerly known as Dermalinfusion, provides deep exfoliation and extraction to leave your skin lustrous and smooth.

A DiamondGlow facial uses a closed-loop vacuum with diamond tip technology to provide manual exfoliation and is performed under medical supervision. The facial can be customized to your exact needs thanks to the use of medical-grade SkinMedica serums that address growth factors, hydrate the skin, provide antioxidants, and treat discoloration.

What kinds of results can I expect?

The clinical goals of a DiamondGlow facial include deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration. The facial can also stimulate blood flow and remove toxins from the skin. You’ll also find that a DiamondGlow facial can be used to treat delicate areas like the skin around the eyes and the lips.

The end result of a DiamondGlow facial is skin that feels refreshed, exfoliated, smooth and dry to the touch.

What kind of downtime will there be?

You might experience redness for a few hours after a DiamondGlow facial, but there is no downtime.

Is a DiamondGlow Facial for Me?

A DiamondGlow facial is a great option if you’re seeking to prevent or slow signs of aging with no downtime. It can treat problems with the skin texture and other concerns like wrinkles, crepey skin, or even dullness of the skin. A DiamondGlow facial can also be used to treat acne.




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