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Skinvive Hydrating Treatment is the first and only hyaluronic acid-based microdroplet injectable designed to increase hydration of the skin and provide lasting cheek smoothness. Post treatment, SKINVIVE leaves the cheeks with a smooth glowing complexion.


What are the Benefits of SKINVIVE?

Enhanced hydration

Improved skin smoothness

Improved skin texture and firmness

Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

No downtime following treatment


How does SKINVIVE work?

SKINVIVE is the first and only hyaluronic acid (HA) intradermal microdroplet injection for skin smoothness available in the U.S. SKINVIVE is innovative because it works beneath the skin’s surface to increase skin hydration improving skin quality. As you age, our skin loses its ability to stay hydrated – a key reason for many skin quality issues. SKINVIVE restores HA levels, comparable to what is found in younger skin, improving its smoothness so the skin glows.


Who is an Ideal Candidate for SKINVIVE?

SKINVIVE is ideal for patients who want to treat fine lines, uneven texture and loss of hydration. The product is safe to use on all skin types and tones.


How long will the results last?

Patients will begin to see noticeable improvement after a single treatment with an increase in skin hydration as early as one month. In clinical trials, the results of SKINVIVE lasted up to six months.


How is SKINVIVE treatment performed? 

Microdroplets of SKINVIVE are injected into the dermis (upper layer) of skin using an ultra-thin needle.


How much downtime does SKINVIVE have?

Treatment with SKINVIVE has minimal downtime. Patients can return to work or school following treatment.


Are SKINVIVE treatments painful?

SKINVIVE contains Lidocaine, a common pain reliever (you get it at the dentist) to keep you comfortable. A topical numbing cream may also be utilized if desired.





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