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Body Contouring

The body contouring of the past only took place in the gym and the kitchen, with rigid workouts and a clean diet. While those lifestyle aspects are important to maintain the results of body contouring, modern methods to enhance your body’s contour now take place in an office setting through non-surgical treatments. If you aren’t seeing results from your healthy lifestyle, we can design a treatment plan with one or more of our in-office body contouring treatments so you can fine-tune your body the easy way.

CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite is a body contouring device that uses extremely cold temperatures to freeze fat cells through a process called cryolipolysis. It’s completely non-surgical and non-invasive and can target stubborn fat in some of the most common body areas, including the abdomen, arms, legs, back, and flanks, among others. It doesn’t require any downtime, so patients can expect to resume normal activities once it’s over.

I had been looking into lifting a little off of my stomach for some time but wanted to try something non-surgical. After researching facilities, I decided on Cool Sculpting at Bellaire Dermatology. They had great reviews. My appointment was made with Zoe W. She made sure I was comfortable and began explaining how everything worked, and answered all my questions before we began. She has a beautiful, bedside manner and knows her stuff! She popped in every few minutes to make sure I didn’t need anything. They give you a TV and a remote, so you can relax during your treatment. It’s awesome, I had a wonderful experience. No pain or discomfort, you just lay down and “chill out.” Even better – the results! Zoe knew exactly what to do to achieve the results I wanted. I lost a dress size, and my abs look amazing!Karen M.

How It Works

We will apply the appropriate treatment head to your target area during the treatment process. As the device delivers extremely cold temperatures to those areas, you’ll feel a cooling sensation followed by a numbing sensation, but no discomfort.

The freezing temperatures will destroy the fat cells in your target area, and the body will respond in the two to four months following treatment by eliminating them from the system via the lymphatic system. Patients can expect a decrease in total fat volume in the treatment area once they complete the recommended treatment sessions.


CoolTone is a body sculpting device that focuses on toning the muscles in the treatment area to improve muscle definition. It uses electromagnetic muscle stimulation, also known as MMS, to force the muscles into powerful, involuntary contractions that together work to strengthen the entire area and create new, noticeable muscle definition.

How It Works

During the treatment process, we will place the device in your target area. You can choose to treat your abs, thighs, buttocks, or a combination. As we activate the device, the electromagnetic field radiating from the handpiece will force muscles into powerful contractions. There’s no downtime and no discomfort, and you can resume your normal activities as soon as your treatment is over.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most patients need two treatments a week for two weeks, and we typically space these appointments two to four days apart. After completing the recommended number of sessions, patients can schedule maintenance treatments every two to three months to continually strengthen their muscles and increase muscle definition.


Morpheus8 is a unique microneedling radiofrequency treatment that we can use to target the skin on both the face in the body. Using it on the body can deliver a body contouring treatment by tightening loose skin and rejuvenating the treatment area. This device is completely customizable and allows us to use different needle depths to target various areas of the body to promote the right amount of collagen and elastin production to target patient concerns.

How It Works

We begin the treatment process by applying a topical numbing solution to the skin to ensure your comfort. Then, we will activate the device, and the radiofrequency energy will heat the tissues in the treatment area to cause the skin to shrink and tighten as the needle simultaneously stamps the skin to create micro-injuries.

The body then responds to the treatment with a healing response that increases collagen and elastin production. You’ll see some results within the first three to four weeks of your treatment, and your results will continue to improve over time as your body grows new collagen. You don’t have to plan on downtime but will need to avoid excess sun exposure for at least a week after your treatment.

RESONIC for Cellulite Reduction

RESONIC is the only FDA-approved cellulite reduction device that can significantly improve the different body areas of those who suffer from cellulite. It uses innovative technology to deliver a non-surgical treatment that can make cellulite virtually disappear.

The rapid acoustic pulse technology delivers sound waves into the skin to target cellulite at the source. We can use it to treat some of the most common areas with cellulite, including the buttocks, inner thighs, outer thighs, and lower thighs.

How It Works

RESONIC treatments take approximately one hour from start to finish. However, if you choose to treat multiple areas, your treatment may take longer. During the treatment, we will use the device to target your area of concern. The device will improve the appearance of cellulite by physically changing the fibrous bands beneath the skin’s surface that contribute to cellulite.

It also can help the skin appear smoother and eliminate the dimples definitive of cellulite. As the body responds to the treatment, you will see results appear as cellulite dimples fade.

Creating Your Customized Treatment Plan

Since everyone has different goals when it comes to body contouring, we design custom-tailored treatment plans based on the needs of each patient. We can combine one or more of these treatments with other body sculpting devices to target multiple areas as needed. Optimal results come from a combination of treatments that can target stubborn fat, tighten loose skin, and reduce cellulite.

Redefine Your Body With a Body Sculpting Treatment Plan

If you are looking for a non-invasive, non-surgical way to address different body concerns, we have plenty of treatment options that are safe, effective, and deliver real results. We can provide you with more information about what you can expect from each during your initial consultation.



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