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Acne Treatments & Solutions

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning with a big pimple! Whether it’s 5th grade picture day, high school graduation or your wedding day, it seems that […]

Stretchmarks in Pregnancy FAQ’s

How Can I Treat My Stretchmarks? It’s a very common question. First, know that stretchmarks are completely normal during pregnancy. While you may not notice stretch marks in the first […]

Rosacea Friendly Skin Care Products

We previously gave you the 411 on all things Rosacea. As previously mentioned, rosacea can be triggered by things such as alcohol, spicy foods, heat, and other stressors. We’re here […]

Rosacea Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments!

Rosacea Signs, Symptoms, & Treatments! Rosacea Signs & Symptoms Do you experience flushing or persistent redness on your cheeks?  Is the redness associated with acne?  You may have a chronic […]

Most Common Sunscreen Mistakes

When it comes to choosing a sunscreen, patients have a multitude of options from fragrances, type of application, water resistance, shades, depths of coverage, and brands. There are a few […]

Make Up and Sunscreen Protection

Skin care professionals get asked this grueling question all the time: “Do I need to wear sunscreen if my makeup has SPF in it?” While cosmetic companies have attempted to […]

Spider Veins or Venous Disorder?

Spider Veins or Venous Disorder? Have your legs ever felt achy or tired at the end of the day?  Have you noticed bulging varicose veins in family members?  Do you […]

2020 The Year of Maskne

Maskne 2020 brought us many changes – more than I think we ever anticipated. One thing that became predominant in the world of Dermatology during 2020 was Maskne. Many patients […]

What’s the Best Sunscreen for Me?

By: Dr. Kayla McNiece What Sunscreen is Best for Me? Sun protection can take on several different forms. For instance, avoiding outdoor exposures between 10AM and 2PM when the sun’s […]

Skin Cancer Awareness: What is Skin Cancer?

By: Kayla McNiece, MD What is Skin Cancer?  Skin cancer is an abnormal growth of skin cells typically caused by the sun’s harmful rays or tanning bed use. It is […]